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Become an instructor in our world renowned Women's Self Defense system. Stay up to date with the latest certification classes as we travel around the country making new instructors.

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Self Defense Modules

Different self defense modules available through Defend University and the Women's Self Defense Institute.

Women's Self Defense Institute Scope

Sexual Assault Prevention Certification Modules.

What You Will Learn

At the end of each block, a successful instructor will be able to do the following.

Less Than Lethal

Non-Lethal Police Tatics

Girls on Guard/Guarding our Girls

Entry and intermediate level self defense for women.

Defense Against Weapons

Advanced women's self defense against weapons.

Weapons for Women

Techniques for effectively using common weapons and found objects.


Thousands of women have benefited from the unique teaching method used by the Women's Self-Defense Institute. Our guiding philosophy is set in the very real differences in the self-defense needs for women vs. men. The nature of the conflict is, on so many levels, hugely different. For us, this means using a woman's strongest weapons against a man's weakest points. The self-defense modules are designed to interlock in developing techniques and skills which have been proven to work for the non-martial artist female against full power attacks from men. We teach awareness, avoidance, space management, and a system of resisting assaults using simple to learn gross-body movements that take advantage of your natural instincts which are easier to remember under stress.


Defend University and The Women's Self Defense Institute has hundreds of instructors all across the globe.

  • Head Instructor

    Steve Kardian

    In addition to being a high level martial artist in arts such as Kyu Ku Shin Karate and Gracie Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Kardian is also a long time law enforce veteran and media personality.

  • Head Instructor

    Brad Parker

    Brad leveraged his work in defensive tactics and executive protection to create Defend University in the mid-1990s. He and Steve teamed up in 2000 as co-directors to expanded the reach and depth of education and training to include women everywhere.

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    United States based certified instructors.

  • International


    International certified instructors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Do I need any experience to become an instructor?
A - No experience is required. We attract activists and the civic minded looking to bring the program to their community, church, high School, college or business. We also attract professional martial artist seeking to bring a bonafide women's safety and self-defense program to their academy or Dojo.

Q - Will I be certified to teach the program?
A - Yes, after you complete the initial 2 day certification program you will be certified as a "Girls on Guard" and "Guarding our Girls" instructor, however, look upon this as the beginning of your education as a Women's Empowerment Instructor. Certified instructors will be allowed to attend, free of charge, any instructor certification held in the United States or

Q - Is this a martial arts or KARATE program?
A - No! This is a women's specific self defense program created using survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence, kidnapping and other crimes against the women. The techniques are reality based placing students into common real life scenarios experienced during the attacks cited above. Your stun and run modified Karate programs do not work, in the real world, against a male attacker.

Q - Can I get certified on line?
A - The initial certification is not offered on line, it would be a disservice and provide a false sense of security and not within the educational guidelines of learning. Attention to detail and problem solving are a big part of the program as is dealing with the female dynamic and survivor. Continued education programs for currently certified instructors will be available on line later this year.

Q - How do I get started?
A - A brief phone interview is the first step in the application process. Once this is completed the registration forms will be e-mailed to you for completion. We only reserve 10 new instructor slots per certification. Once your registration forms and tuition are received your slot will be reserved.

Q - How much is the course?
A - Our modules include Girls on Guard, Guarding our Girls, Defense Against Weapons, Weapons for Women, The Reduce the Odds program, Advanced Tactics and Problem Solving. We also have our program for kids, seniors and ladies self defense boot camp. We have many options for tuition and we offer discounts to law enforcement, military, schools, colleges, group and those in related services. The tuition will be discussed during your initial phone interview.

Q - Will I learn only self defense techniques?
A - At The Women's Self Defense Institute we acknowledge that self defense, however important, is a last resort in your frontier for safety. Mr. Parker and Mr. Kardian are nationally recognized experts in women's safety and risk reduction. With more than 50 years of combined law enforcement experience both men have investigated thousands of crimes against the woman and studied thousands more. Mr. Kardian is a National Media consultant for Fox News, CNN, HLN, Inside Edition, ABC, NBC and others. You will be exposed to his "Reduce the Odds" program providing you with information that will keep our female loved

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Upcoming Defend University’s Instructor Certifications

Upcoming Instructor Certifications 2019
New York March
Saturday, March 9th and Sunday March 10th, 2019

Charolette, NC May
Saturday, May 11th and Sunday May 12th

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